Chemical Solutions for the Inks Industry

We have a wide range of colourings, pigments, preparations and ancillary products for manufacturing the special inks employed in different printing systems.

We can provide colourings and pigments, both in their pure form and made up in preparations, to further the development and manufacture of a wide range of inks.

Israel Nadal

Israel Nadal
Sales Director

Ink solutions for artistic printing systems

At Irisem we make inks that comply with the highest demands and adapt to multiple types of systems, such as printing or lithography, among others, for application to a range of different surfaces.

Inks for application to different surfaces

Textiles, pottery, glass, plastics, paper, wood, metal… At Irisem we work on solutions for any kind of surface.

Whatever you need, consult us and our technical team will draw up a tailor-made study in order to come up with the best solution.

Ink solutions for industrial printing systems

We make inks that are apt for all of the most important industrial systems, in particular, among others, the following:

– Letterpress
– Lithography
– Offset
– Screen printing
– Pad printing
– Aniline printing
– Gravure
– Ink-jet


Ink solutions for digital printing systems

We provide solutions for both ink injection and laser systems.