Recently, IRISEM were also mentioned in the latest number of the Valencian Association of Plastics Companies (AVEP) magazine, in a new article that explains all of the key aspects of our company, its services and activities.

A continuación os dejamos de forma íntegra el artículo publicado, en el cual podréis conocer mejor la filosofía de IRISEM y todo lo que podemos ofreceros.

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Full article from the AVEP Magazine

IRISEM is a company that specialises in made-to-measure development of chemical solutions, and is capable of providing a response to any need in terms of pigments, colourings or additives, throughout the Iberian Peninsula and across a wide range of sectors, such as Plastics, where they are specialists, as well as Textiles, Inks, Tanning, Paper, Paints, Cosmetics, Detergency or Agrochemicals.

With 25 years of experience in the sector, since the company was first founded in Valencia, IRISEM has now grown and developed, while remaining true to the same philosophy: of being able to provide assessment and guidance for their customers so that they can find the best solution to their needs.

In this sense their slogan, “Chemical Coach”, perfectly sums up the company’s focus that, according to their Administration and Finances Director Amaya Fernández, “ensures that our aim is to be far more than just a simple supplier of chemical products, that we put ourselves on the customers’ side, so that we can listen to them and find out how to maximise their efficiency, helping them to improve their processes and taking care of their profitability.”

The Two Keys to Success

In order to achieve their goals, IRISEM have based their business on two fundamental pillars that provide them with the necessary know-how and flexibility. On the one hand they can count on an extensive portfolio of products and services, guaranteeing that they can offer solutions for multiple sectors and different types of companies. On the other hand, they can also count on the services of a team of specialist technicians with extensive experience who are capable of understanding whatever their customers may require.

As well as offering their own products for the above mentioned sectors, ranging from masterbatches to additives or pigment preparations, IRISEM also distribute the products of many of the leading market brands, such as Clariant or Sanitized, and this means that the range of possibilities they can offer is very wide indeed.

Extensive Experience in the Plastics Sector

Within the Plastics sector itself, IRISEM can boast of a trajectory and the kind of experience that allows them to offer their customers a series of competitive advantages: the capability to work with any kind of base plastic and to handle the complete colour process, as well as a series of their own standards, which are aimed at improving service speed and streamlining processes.

Their knowledge of the market, versatility and considerable resources provide IRISEM with the capability to develop plastics solutions for numerous industries across a broad spectrum, including construction, automobiles, bottling and packaging, toys, footwear, computing, furniture, agriculture, gardening, household goods and the home.