Products for the Paper Industry

At IRISEM we specialise in chemical products for the paper industry, providing solutions, both at the process level, related to the reduction of costs and improving production, and also in terms of functional product improvements, offering the specific properties demanded by customers that will provide differential value.

We are capable of developing and obtaining any refinement you may require, depending on the demands of today’s marketplace.

Hermann Fernández Beade

Hermann Fernández Beade
Especialist in paper

Fields of application

We can offer our customers a wide range of products, backed up with all of the necessary technical support, and including solutions that cover many different fields of application, aimed at ensuring that our services in the chemicals sphere are broad-based and designed to cover all of our customers’ needs.

We have colourings that are direct (solid and liquid) and cationic (liquid), as well as water-based pigment dispersions, that will allow for the colouring of any kind of paste, obtaining the highest levels of fastness, along with wastewaters that are cleaner and less contaminating.

We are present in the following industries

In the paper sector we have extensive experience in multiple industries, along with specific areas of activity, having taken part in projects, both large and small, based on a wide range of requirements.

Some of the main industries that we work in are:

– Packaging and cardboard
– Special cards and papers
– Tissue
– Water treatments

We can provide you with technical support, selecting the most suitable product, based on your particular needs, along with logistical support.