Products for the Tanning Industry

We offer a wide range of services and chemical solutions for leather tanning, including all leather manufacturing processes, both in terms of treatment at a chemical level and with regard to dyes and colouring.

Our goal is to provide a level of technical and aesthetic superiority that will highlight the quality of your products, making the most of their characteristics and properties, looking into specific needs and adapting ourselves to the particular aspects of each case.

We have the colourings and additives for drum-dying processes, as well as colourings and pigments for use in the finishing of all manner of leathers and suedes.

Pedro Fernández

Pedro Fernández
Sales technician
Specialist in tanning, plastics and paints

Product technical sheet

Among our most important services for the tanning industry you will find:

– Wet end
– Leather finish
– Coatings and finishes

Although we can also take on a wide range of projects and design tailor-made solutions, based on a specific evaluation of your requirements. You can, free of all commitment, ask us about any of our new leather treatment products or this season’s colours, and our technical team will be delighted to provide you with all of the information that you need.