Products for the Textile Industry

At Irisem we can supply a wide range of colourings and auxiliary products that allow us to adapt to whatsoever requirement in terms of textile materials. Our technical-sales team will help you to select the product that is best suited to your work conditions, ensuring the highest possible level of performance, and always designed to obtain maximum profitability for your company in terms of product cost and quality.

We have both the means and adequate laboratories that will allow us to develop any colouring or new applications and carry out such experimental testing as may be required.

Toni Ortiz

Toni Ortiz
Specialist in textiles

Field of application

We can provide solutions for practically any chemical requirement within the textile sphere, offering high levels of specialisation and tailor-made products.

Among other things, we offer our customers the following range of products, along with the necessary levels of technical support:

– Colourings for all kinds of fibres (cotton, polyamide, polyester, silk, rayon, wool, etc.)
– Products aimed at both spinning and weaving preparations (detergents, sequestering, anti-foam agents, decolourisers, anti-creasing agents, mercerising agents, etc.)
– Textile finishing products (resins, softeners, fluorocarbons, etc.)

The fact that we can draw on our experience in multiple sectors enables us to better understand and assess our customers. Do not hesitate to consult us with regard to any proposal you may have, insofar as we will look into it on a personalised basis.