Quality and control in all of our procedures

At IRISEM we make sure that all our services comply with the full range of quality and control standards, something that is essential for the chemicals sector and is also fundamental when it comes to satisfying our customers’ needs in the most optimal way.

We take care of all of the arrangements, from beginning to end of each process, taking samples of the products to be made, taking note of our customers’ ideas, the required product quality levels and the standards that need to be complied with, carrying out studies and running laboratory tests, developing countertypes or samples for testing, until we arrive at the required final product.

“Our assessment helps our customers to be more competitive”

We count on the services of a Technical-Sales Department that has extensive experience and in-depth chemical and industrial know-how, that can offer a specialised service, tailor-made for each individual company, along with a level of assessment that assists our customers in becoming more competitive and provides their products with added value.

Once we have been provided with full knowledge of the characteristics of each project we can put together made-to-measure solutions, bringing in the necessary resources that will allow us to work with perfect efficiency.