Chemical solutions for the Cosmetics and Detergency Industries

At IRISEM we make every effort to help our customers boost the attractiveness of their products, through our colouring and additives solutions, which can be applied both to their existing formulas and also their new projects.

With the cosmetics and detergency industries, innovation and continuous improvements are key aspects related to differentiation in this market. As a result our assessment is always based on our extensive and broad.-based experience in the search for maximum levels of quality. IRISEM is at the cutting edge in terms of both new products and a wide range of new solutions, while also keeping up to date with all of the latest regulations that apply to our activities.

We have everything you need in terms of colouring and chemical additives for your formulas and new projects and, as a result, we can help you cover all market demands.

Raúl Lozano

Raúl Lozano
Specialist in plastics, diversification and paints

Sectors that we work in

At IRISEM we can work on projects of all sizes and characteristics, placing at your disposal specialists with expertise in all of the materials and processes involved in the sector, such as:
– Cosmetics
– Industrial Detergency
– Detergency
– Animal Cosmetics