Chemical solutions for the Agrochemical Industry

IRISEM have an extensive range of colouring products, in both powder and liquid form, capable of differentiating, as per the requirements of each and every customer, their fertiliser products, either providing them with colour or improving their characteristics.

In order to optimise your formulas, apart from matters of colour, we also have a wide range of additives, such as antifoaming agents, dispersing agents… Just tell us what you need and we will take charge of the evaluations and the application of the best means to obtain the perfect product for your company.

Choose from our wide range of additives, colourings and pigments, in all formats, to differentiate your products from those of your competitors and become a reference in your sector

Raúl Lozano

Raúl Lozano
Specialist in plastics, diversification and paints

At IRISEM we know how important it is to look after and respect the implications of our products in the agrochemicals sector, and as a result we comply with all current legislation and engage in research that will allow us to obtain more effective and sustainable solutions.

Contact us and our team of specialists will provide you with expert assessment in finding the ideal service for your requirements.