Chemical Solutions for the Plastics Industry

Pigmentos para plásticosAt Irisem we can provide a comprehensive chemical products and pigments service for the plastics industry, being capable of adapting to all manner of requirements, due to the extended variety of the solutions that we have to offer.

Our substantial range of products can meet the needs of any processing company, independently of the types of plastic and processes they use.

Juan Miguel Raga

Juan Miguel Raga
Plastics specialist

The Sectors in which We Work

Our solutions can be adapted to a complete range of chemical projects, and this allows us to work across a broad spectrum of different sectors. Some of the sectors that we most frequently work with are:

– automobile
– bottling & packaging (foods/cosmetics)
– toys
– footwear
– computing
– furniture
– agriculture and gardening
– household goods and the home
– construction

Pigments for Plastics and Additives Tailor-Made to Your Needs

We make up colour concentrates and additives in any polymer base, depending on our customer’s needs and requirements. Among others we work with PE, PP, PET, PVC, EVA, PA, POM or PC bases.

We have the capacity to satisfy the specific colouring and additive requirements of any company, whatever their processes may be, particularly with regard to:

– injection
– injection-blow moulding & extrusion-blow moulding
– extrusion & co-extrusion
– roto-moulding
– casting