Chemical Solutions for the Paints and Varnishes Industry

Manufacturers of whatever kind of coatings will be surprised to find just how much help our specialised personnel can provide them with, offering both the products and tailor-made assessment that will allow them to obtain the necessary added value in each situation with our pigments for paints.

A wide range of products and solutions that will allow our clients to meet the challenges that the markets are demanding. “Ask us about all that is new on the market.

Hermann Fernández Beade

Israel Nadal
Sales Director

The range of products developed for this market includes additives, colourings and pure pigments, along with an extensive range of preparations that pave the way their use, depending on the application and/or the needs of each customer.n.

Sectors in which we are present

At Irisem we have built up a great deal of experience in multiple industrial sectors, and this has allowed us to gain a detailed understanding of the specific requirements of each individual company. Our know-how allows us not only to provide the service that you may require but also guidance on how to make the best possible use of your resources.

Below we list some of the most important sectors in which we have developed projects of this type.

– Decorative paint
– Powder paint
– Industrial paint
– Varnishes
– Inks
– Fine arts
– Specialities

Do not hesitate to contact us, whatever your needs may be. We will provide comprehensive assessment and technical support, working on your project in a personalised way.